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Emotional Benefits of our Program

When I introduced the HeadWorks idea to parents, they tend to get an enormous smile on their face. I believe it's because the thought that they won't have to be in this contentious relationship with their child any longer about getting homework done, our chores, or what have you, I think they get pretty excited about the idea of getting back that relationship with their kids.

And the many times I tell parents, our kids don't really get to know us, they get to know the stress to us. I think a lot of parents go to bed at night, and feel bad that they had a big argument with their children about getting this work done. The idea that they'll be able to go to sleep at night relieved that their child is coming home from HeadWorks with all of their work done, or most of it done. and it's all planned out. Nothing is slipping through the cracks. And the parents don't have to pepper their kids with questions about, Did they do this or did they do that?

I think they're pretty excited about it, and we're excited here at HeadWorks, The kids are happy because they're meeting their goals of doing well in school. The teachers are happy because all of the work is done. The parents are happy because they don't have to lock horns with their kids. And our HeadWorks coaches are happy because they enjoy working with kids and watching them thrive.

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