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Headworks Academic Coaching

How We Do It

HeadWorks has meticulously crafted a program that combines the most current research on behavioral change and habit formation with proven strategies to identify and overcome executive function limitations that is delivered through a celebrated coach approach. 

The HeadWorks Coach Approach

Have you or your child ever been to summer camp? If not, did you ever have a person a little bit older than you who you looked up to?

We think Michael Thompson, Ph.D., the author of Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow explains it well:

“Children love to learn, but they get tired of being taught by adults. Children want to learn from older children, and, at a camp that means older campers, CITs (counselors in training), and camp counselors. They want to live with them, emulate them, absorb them. In our age-segregated society, camp is the only place in America where an 11-year-old can get the sustained attention of a 19-year-old. In return for the attention of these ‘older children,’ campers will make sacrifices. They will follow all kinds of rules and adhere to all kinds of rituals that they would likely fight at  home.”

Well, Camp is no longer the only place…

HeadWorks has embraced this concept, and it is a significant portion of our secret sauce for success.

We employ hand selected graduate and college students majoring in education who undergo extensive training to successfully implement our proprietary program of proven Executive Function strategies. 

We refer to our staff as coaches, and we have a ratio of 1 coach for every 3 students. 

The HeadWorks Program

We have learned that the ideal method by which to assist our students is first to identify the two or three most important limitations with which the students are struggling. 

Each of our students takes a proprietary HeadWorks assessment so that we gain an in-depth understanding of where they may be experiencing executive function limitations

We then tailor-make a bespoke program to assist them in developing strategies to address these limitations in a structured environment comprised of an inviting and comfortable after-school space in which our students complete their homework.

We utilize a systematic approach and implement checklists, timers and planners to assist students with their homework. Backpacks are organized, assignments are identified, planned and managed, and homework is checked for completion. 

Utilizing the most current research on behavioral change and habit development we have created a schedule that offers the ideal combination of hands-on learning with the flexibility to adapt to each of our student's needs.

We coach our students in two-hour blocks of time with scheduled breaks, and our experience suggests the optimal approach for overcoming executive functioning limitations is to attend HeadWorks at least three times per week.

HeadWorks is open from 3pm to 9pm Monday thru Friday.

Fees for our programs are based on the number of sessions students will be attending each month.