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HeadWorks Standard Program fees are only approximately $25 per hour of coaching. 

We are well aware that traditional tutoring can cost anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour. However, our goal is to offer a program that teaches executive function strategies and an environment in which these can be practiced and successfully implemented at a much lower price point. 

Towards that end, we charge a monthly fee, and offer the following programs based on frequency of attendance:

One Time Fee Upon Registration

$99   Executive Function Assessment and Review Fee

Each of our students takes a proprietary HeadWorks Assessment. We then meet in person with the student and his or her parent/s to review the results to gain an understanding of his or her executive function limitations.

Monthly Tuition Fees

$650  Standard (Three sessions a week, around 26 coaching hours per month)

$850  Premium (Four sessions a week, around 35 coaching hours per month)

$950  Full (Five sessions a week, around 43 coaching hours per month)

$450  Basic (Two sessions a week, around 17 coaching hours per month)

$250  Limited (One session a week, around 9 coaching hours per month)

HeadWorks Pricing

When developing the HeadWorks program, we decided to create a unique approach to overcoming executive function limitations that was both effective AND cost-effective.

To be effective, students must learn new habits and practice implementing our proven strategies. 

This typically cannot be accomplished in just one hour per week. For maximum student benefit, we recommend students attend three coaching sessions of two hours each week, and this is our standard program.

Of course we understand that some students would like to attend with greater frequency, and that other students may be unable to participate in our standard program. We do have options to fit every schedule, and while attending less than three sessions per week may not be ideal, parents and students will still see improvement with less frequent attendance.