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Headworks Academic Coaching

What We Do

At HeadWorks Academic Coaching, we end the homework battles, restore peace at home, and help your child develop strategies to manage executive functions that are critical for both academic success and success in life.

Our students are intelligent, capable, high-functioning adolescents from middle school through high school who simply are not achieving their potential due to inefficient and ineffective work habits.

We offer an affordable, flexible, and proven coaching methodology developed by a clinical neuropsychologist that equips your child with the tools and strategies they need to overcome their executive function limitations and realize their full potential for success. 

Utilizing your students’ own academic work, our HeadWorks certified and approved coaches teach your student tried and proven strategies to better organize, plan, prioritize, manage time, avoid and check for careless errors, and study efficiently.

At HeadWorks, your child will learn lifelong skills to work more efficiently and effectively.